Videography Hire

£ 150 Minimum

1 min Promo Vid

Record + Edit
Additional Time £50 Per Min

Monthly Studio Hire

£ 140 month

8 Hours*

incl. lighting equipment
Discount: £100 off standard rate

Monthly Studio Hire

£ 300 month

16 Hours

incl. lighting equipment
Discount: £180 off standard rate

*Please note that you have to use your selected hours within 30 days of your first booking
as these hours can not be rolled over.

Terms and conditions

By booking our studio, you agree to all terms and conditions. If any of our terms are broken your session will be terminated with no questions asked.

Capacity 6-8. Capacity includes your team (including Photographer, Hair & Makeup, Models etc). Due to health and safety regulations any additional people turning up will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

Please do not enter studio before your time booked as you may interfere with another session. Please call before you come in 07718163120 and It may not always be possible to go overtime due to other bookings but when available payment is expected upfront (overtime charge: £30 per hour).

The client hiring is responsible and shall pay any costs/fines if there are any breakages or damages caused to the studio or equipment by any person during the use of the studio. Please do not rip the backdrops or poke holes with heels, as we expect backdrops to be reusable condition at the end of each session. if damaged £10 will be fined

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